The Sak Leather Handbag

  • Click on each photos to enlarge.
  • All items are pre-order, 100% original.
  • Price might change due to stocks and demands.
  • Pre-order takes approx 3-4 weeks to arrive after you paid 50% deposit.
  • Please¬†email us¬†for latest price and availability.
  • You also can reach us by WhatsApp +6017.3570029.



ts avalon tobacco

The Sak Avalon Backpack: RM620 free postage.




ts carson hobo

The Sak Carson Hobo: RM550 free postage.



ts carson stonets carson blackts carson sunlight

The Sak Carson Satchel: RM450 free postage



ts cruz slate

The Sak Cruz Satchel: RM650 free postage.



ts ellis natural

The Sak Ellis Tote: RM350 free postage



ts esperato charcoalts esperato tobacco

The Sak Esperato Tobacco Brown: RM580 free postage

The Sak Esperato Ash Grey: RM630 free postage



ts hasley jollats hasley moonlightts hasley palisades

The Sak Hasley Tote: RM350 free postage



ts indio hobo

ts indio mocha sparkle

The Sak Indio Hobo Orange Coral: RM630 free postage.

The Sak Indio Hobo White Multi: RM630 free postage.

The Sak Indio Hobo Mocha Sparkle: RM550 free postage.



ts indio patch

ts indio tribal

The Sak Indio Satchel Brown Patch: RM550 free postage

The Sak Indio Satchel Stone Tribal: RM490 free postage


ts iris black

The Sak Iris: RM480 free postage



ts iris cocoa

ts iris xby

The Sak Iris: RM450 free postage.



ts iris teak

The Sak Iris Hobo: RM499 free postage



ts kendra mushroom

The Sak Kendra Tote: RM650 free postage



ts kendra xby

The Sak Kendra Crossbody: RM590 free postage



ts lucia mocha sparklets lucia patch

ts lucia sunlight

The Sak Lucia Crossbody: RM630 free postage



ts lucia stone

ts lucia tobacco

The Sak Lucia Satchel: RM450 free postage



ts mirada blackts mirada cherry teak

The Sak Mirada Satchel: RM570 free postage.



ts montara

The Sak Montara Tote: RM650 free postage.



ts pax large

The Sak Pax Large Hobo: RM680 free postage



ts sanibel multits sanibel patch

The Sak Sanibel Crossbody: RM520 free postage.



ts sequioa xbyts sequoia charcoalts sequoia cherry

The Sak Sequoia: RM450 free postage.



ts silverlake blk fringets silverlake cocoats silverlake xby

The Sak Silverlake: RM780 free postage


ts silverlake floral

The Sak Silverlake: RM450 free postage



ts tahoe cognac

ts tahoe mahogany

The Sak Tahoe Messenger: RM670 free postage



ts tahoe hobo racingts tahoe hobo rhubarb

The Sak Tahoe Hobo White Multi: RM680 free postage.

The Sak Tahoe Hobo Cherry Red: RM750 free postage.



ts tahoe racingts tahoe rhubarb

The Sak Tahoe Crossbody: RM490 free postage.



ts tahoe tote blkts tahoe tote rhubarb

The Sak Tahoe Black: RM680 free postage

The Sak Tahoe Cherry Red: RM499 free postage



ts zinnia

The Sak Zinnia Hobo: RM530 free postage

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